Corporate Events Rhode Island

Treat your staff to an exciting corporate events Rhode Island: Indoor Karting

When your corporation located in the Providence area has something to celebrate, whether it concerns a reached goal, an anniversary, or a great team achievement, racing indoor go karts at R1 Indoor Karting entertainment center offers one of the perfect venues in RI. We are your perfect partner for your company events Rhode Island!

Why organize a corporate event outside of the office?

Taking your staff out of the workplace for a celebration or team building event has many advantages. For one, people can (temporarily) let go of everyday work stress. A couple of hours without interrupting phone calls and visitors and no to-do lists in sight will make them free to pay attention to team building exercises and enhances interaction. Another advantage is that your personnel will feel valued. As they will experience the corporate event as a treat thanking them for their hard work.

Besides inviting your company staff, another reason to hold an exciting karting company event is to entertain and thank your best business relationships and contacts. There are many marketing opportunities during personal contact with (potential) clients. For instance, when you include a business presentation or present your latest product. Also, the interaction between company staff and business relations in an informal setting enhances the relationship and will increase the company’s goodwill.

Example reasons to organize a corporate event are:

  • Celebrate successes: attained profit or turnover goals and team achievements
  • Team building for company managers, co-workers or business units
  • Launch a new product or service
  • Introduce and implement new concepts, strategies, programs, etc.
  • Enhance required cooperation between new colleagues (e.g. due to hiring, mergers, and takeovers)
  • Set and present new goals for the coming year

Corporate event planning is a breeze when you outsource

Let our event planner help you organize your corporate event. Whether this concerns a strict company event or a business relations event. To make your event complete, add other activities, such as bowling, billiards, a meal from our FUEL restaurant and sports bar or any catered food. Make a reservation for our VIP or party room to include a corporate session or team building exercise before the activities. Please contact us at 401-721-5554 or via