Family Fun Day Rhode Island

A Family fun day Rhode Island that leave precious memories

Isn’t it a shame that you mostly see your immediate family during the holidays? Sometimes, just once or twice a year. And holidays usually only bring together immediate family. So, you only know how your aunts and uncles, nieces and nephews are doing thanks to the contact with your parents or siblings. Keep up with your beloved family and organize a family reunion-a day filled with activities for kids, as well as fun activities for adults. Are you ready for a family fun day Rhode Island?

How to organize a family fun day?

R1 Indoor Karting is a perfect venue in the Providence area to experience a thrilling and complete reunion filled with fun activities for all ages. To plan the reunion take into account that:

  • You will need to plan ahead if you want most family members to attend. Allow at least a couple of months before the big day to contact everyone and to have them save the date.
  • Setting a particular date will not accommodate everyone. Use an online (free) event planner to find the best possible date.
  • The time to start the family activities is important when family members need to travel to the venue.
  • Everybody wants to know about the programmed activities at our center and what the cost will be. Not everyone has the same budget, so be clear about the expense expectations.
  • You will need to make sure there is a diversity in activities and catered food and drinks for all family members.

We tailor your family reunion or siblings day

In northeast Providence, our RI sports center offers a variety of fun activities for a perfect family reunion. Leaving the planning and execution of your family fun day to us offers many advantages:

  • Your family members can experience a heat of karting, a fun hour of bowling, billiards and any combination of these exciting activities.
  • It allows you to take time to catch up, interact and build kindred friendships.
  • You can combine the activities with tailored catering. We provide snacks, a meal from our FUEL restaurant and sports bar. Such as pizza or even catered food like, for instance, a personalized family celebration cake.
  • You can include a reservation for a party room or VIP room for optimal privacy.

Contact us for your tailored family fun day event.


Family Funday Rhode Island