Junior Karting Lessons

Are you ready for R1 Indoor Karting Junior Lessons? As of October 7th, R1 Indoor Karting will offer valuable karting tools on Saturdays and Sundays from approximately 10:00 am to 12:30 pm.

These lessons include both racing theory in the classroom and actual driving on the track. In the classroom, students learn about the mechanics of go-karting, safety rules while on the track and proper kart operation. On the track, students will drive 3 seven-minute races with R1 instructors and put their valuable classroom learning to use to achieve peak performance.

Upon completion of R1 Indoor Karting Junior Lessons, students will be tested on safe kart handling and driving. Successful course completion allows students to race at R1 with their Junior License on speed 3 with other Junior License drivers! An average of 3 lessons is required to obtain a Junior License. Be aware we cannot guarantee a Junior will receive a license after 3 lessons; more lessons may be required. Juniors may not receive a license if they cannot operate karts safely.

R1 has dedicated track times each week for Junior License drivers, also granting them the opportunity to compete in our Junior Leagues.


  • Reservations are optional but recommended and can be made 7 days in advance by calling (401) 721-5554.
  • Juniors must be a minimum of 58 inches tall and be able to correctly reach the kart pedals
  • A valid Junior Race License is required to participate in these races


  • $49.00 per lesson (includes 1 bottle of water)

When? (Beginning Oct. 7th, 2017)

  • Beginner Course (only 1st lesson) Saturday 10:00 am – 12:30 pm
  • Advanced Course Sunday 10:00 am – 12:30 pm

Time schedule

10:15Safety Instruction & Helmet Fitting
10:35Race 1 (1st on-track session)
10:45Evaluation of Race 1 with Karting Tips
11:05Race 2 (2nd on-track session)
11:15Evaluation of Race 2 and 15 Min Break
11:45Race 3 (Final on-track session)
12:00End of Day Evaluation
12:30The End (the very latest)


Additional Details

  • R1 advises students to take these lessons weekly but this is not mandatory
  • Junior Race License is not guaranteed after each lesson and depends on skill level of driver
  • R1 members 16 and older are not allowed to participate in Junior License Driving times or lessons
  • In case of races / corporate events R1 Indoor Karting retains the right to cancel and reschedule the Junior Lessons