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If you believe go kart racing is for adults or for boys: think again. As a go kart racer you can be as young as 6 years of age or as old as 80 years. And ladies, take off those high heels for a little while, because you are in for a go kart party!

What is karting | go karts?

Indoor karting lets you experience the speed and tests your skills and tactics while driving a small (single-person) open four-wheeled vehicle, called a go-kart, on a uniquely designed indoor racing circuit. This sport, invented in America as early as 1956, is not only for professionals but anyone, even kids, can enjoy driving some cool wheels and compete with fellow drivers.

Go kart go

Karting is a real sport. Just like any other sport you can make this as challenging as you would like. Adults can drive their kart as fast or as savvy as their skills allow them to. Go kart racing for kids is done on a unique track using karts with the speed lowered to a “junior” kart velocity. Everything within the safety limits of the rules and regulations.

Benefits from go kart indoor sports

As a regular visitor, you will discover that racing the go kart track will provide the following benefits:

  • You will experience a whole lot of fun with friends and family because karting can be enjoyed by a diversity of ages. This activity is perfect for family reunions, birthday parties, team building sessions, corporate events, bar mitzvahs, bat mithzvahs, graduations, sweet 16’s and bachelor parties.
  • Action karting does not require any prior experience. Anyone can learn to drive the kart track. Moreover, you will be a better driver for it. Learn about the safety rules and gather competence in driving a vehicle even before you get your divers’ license.
  • Once you have got the hang of it, you will notice your reflexes will get better. The kart track will become more and more familiar and with each bend you will learn to brake a little bit later and maneuver the sharp turn a little bit better. Compare it to the car you drive or the bike you ride. The longer you own it, the better you get at it.
  • Before entering the track, you need the rules and regulations concerning action karting. Learning about personal safety will make you aware of safety for others as well.
  • Racing karts will grow your confidence. After a race, stepping out of the kart, you will feel the adrenaline rush calm down at last and feel that you have grown confidence.

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Karting | Go Karts Rhode Island