Kids Activities Rhode Island

Go Kart racing is one of the fun kids activities Rhode Island

Indoor karts are the most fun for kids activities Rhode Island. We offer two tracks. On our mini track, we welcome kids aged 6 – 15 years old. Some requirements are necessary to operate the junior karts. For safety reasons, we only allow children 6 years and older with a minimum height of 3’ 9″ (45”). If you are under 16 years of age and 4′ 10″ (58″), we will provide an “adult” kart with a reduced velocity to drive on the junior track.

Safety is priority on our Go Kart Track

Of course, safety is our priority when you visit our Go Kart racing track. For that reason we take the following safety measures:

  • Our trained instructors will show a safety video, explain the rules and signs, and inform you how to operate the kart.
  • On our track, we have guardrails, traffic lights, flashing lights, signs, and flags to indicate bends and sharp turns, inclines and, if necessary, obstacles temporarily blocking the track or any other dangerous situation. Also, our marshals will always stay on the track to keep an eye on kart racers.
  • When you visit us for a heat of kart racing, be sure you wear tight clothing (nothing loose), no open shoes and long hair is fastened and tucked inside the helmet or shirt. We provide a helmet.
  • Our karts are equipped with seat belts, and only one person is allowed per kart.
  • During a heat of racing minors, an accompanying adult must remain in the facility at all times.

Many people have been racing a go kart track for years. So can you.

Go Kart Racing is a popular hobby all over the United States. Did you know most professional Formula 1 drivers started off racing karts? Many people have tried it before, either for leisure or sports. Karting is all about accelerating, braking, and steering. No need to gear up and no fumes thanks to the electric karts we use at R1 Indoor Karting. Children’s karts have a lowered velocity making this a fun activity for people of all ages.

If you have any further questions about indoor karting or our safety measures, please feel free to contact us. Or read more about our kids birthday parties.