Team Building Activities Rhode Island

Karting is one of the most thrilling team building activities in Rhode Island

For any group that needs to work together, team building is essential for their cooperation and well-being. This could be sports related (for instance, a team of football players) or work related (for example, co-workers and their supervisors or the management team of a corporation) . It doesn’t matter if your company is small or large or at which level you operate within the organization. For efficiency, success, and cooperation, team building is a key element. Are you ready to plan your team building activities Rhode Island?

Who said team building activities shouldn’t be fun?

Team building is said to be based on four pillars: setting goals, understanding roles, solving problems and interpersonal relations. But seriously, who said team building activities shouldn’t be fun?

During a heat of karting, any group needs to follow and understand the safety procedures, team up, decide who will take pole position, discuss the tactics and trust each other on the karting track. Evaluate the Go Kart race after the heat to adjust tactics providing another chance in winning the next heat.

Is your team newly constituted? Indoor go karts is a perfect ice-breaker for team building. You will have an amazing race if everybody participates.

Kart racing is great for team bonding with:

  • co-workers and their supervisors
  • management teams
  • sports teams
  • teenage teams
  • school classes
  • team building activities for kids

Combine activities for a great team building experience

Let our event planner help you organize a complete team building experience by adding an hour of bowling, a meal from our FUEL restaurant and sports bar or any catered food. Make a reservation for our one VIP room or one of our partyrooms to include a corporate session or team building exercises before the activities. Please contact us at 401-721-5554 or via