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The Biggest Time Machine Gaming Experience in the World.

In our time machine, 25 portals put your intelligence, physical condition, and hand-eye coordination to the test.

Good cooperation is required to solve each challenge and get as many points as possible. Can you beat the other teams and become a Master of Time?



Absolute blast! It was a fun way to spend quality time working through the puzzles together, crushing challenges and racing against the clock to score points for our team! I promise you this is unlike any other experience around, it is super unique. Highly recommend giving TimeMission a try!

Stephanie L.

Loved it! It is like being in a video game. Games were mentally and physically challenging, beautiful design, creative, and safe. I would recommend for families, couples, or friends!

Heather M.

My friends and I shared so many laughs as we played these games. It was the most fun we had in a long time. I felt like a kid again!

Michael T.


What is TimeMission?

TimeMission is the ideal mix of escape rooms and The Legends of the Hidden Temple. It consists of 25 portals that each has its own mission/game.

  • Each portal will test a combination of your intelligence, physical condition, strength, and/or hand-eye coordination.
  • Playing times range from 1 to 5 minutes per portal.
  • Teamwork is key to success. Each room is worth a maximum of 100 points.
  • Participants form teams of 2-4 people and play against other teams to achieve the highest score.

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What happened to TimeZone?

TimeZone became TimeMission on July 1, 2022. As time travelers returning from the future, we knew the name update was coming. The update accompanies new game elements, achievements, and bonus content coming soon for players. With the opening of TimeMission HQ where all of our new portals are manufactured, and start of our national expansion to bring TimeMission to more cities, plus the new game features coming later in 2022, the name was updated to reflect the story elements that are becoming part of the game. You can still play only for points, but if you choose a mission (when they become available) the style of play and objectives will change in very fun ways.

How many people can play at one time?

Team sizes range from 2 – 4 players. If you come with more than four people, we will simply break you into multiple teams and have you play against each other. Only 1 team can enter a specific portal at a time, but several teams can enter TimeMission at one time.

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What is the minimum age?

The minimum age to enter TimeMission is 6 years old.

  • Ages 6-13 must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Ages 14+ can play on their own.

All participants must have a signed waiver/registration at All participants under the age of 18 must have their parent/legal guardian complete the waiver.

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Is there a dress code?

Closed toed shoes are required (no sandals). Sneakers and flexible clothing are recommended.

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Is TimeMission physically challenging? What age is this suitable for?

This activity is suitable for both the young and the old! You are the master of your destiny and if there are any portals where the challenge exceeds your level of comfortability, simply just leave the room, and choose another. You are never locked in a portal or required to complete any tasks that you are not comfortable with. Each portal has a different game ranging from mental to physical challenges and everything in between!

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